fungus face


One of few inktober doodles I’ve done that I’m happy with.



Fido the Strogg on vacation in Europe.


ghost9Still playing RAGE and I figured I might as well draw some of its characters. The Ghost Clan, Wasted Clan and Scorchers are by far my favorite bandits.

Additionally I find the mutants fricking adorable. Seriously. Adorable!

Behemoth by the lake



Sails don’t work that way

and a bottle of RAM

A harpy fell from the roof and told me that I haven’t updated this dump since December. Here, have a badly drawn boat ship.
Man, sails are difficult.

“You have new orders”

godzillaaintgotshitonthisWhere I’ve been? I’ve been here, there and, hey, look behind you… riiiiiiight there.
Quake 4 Kane/Makron.

Stroggos’ finest


ColinSpeedpaint from last week. A lazy Strogg berserker lounging in a bland alien landscape.


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